20th European Wine Song Festival (Pécs, 2016)

"The second half of this year's wine gala with the Pannon Philharmonic 'theatre division' and Symphony Chamber Orchestra, in cooperation with the Pécs Symphonietta and concert master László Gergely, as well as the young new arrival to the capital, 25 year-old conductor Peter Dobszay led the music excellently all the way to the end, whether the accompaniment, or stand-alone bravado numbers such as the Thunder and Lightning polka by Strauss, Libertango by Piazzolla or the character piece Slightly Tipsy by Bartók.  In addition to the virtuosity and great interplay, the liberation of the orchestra was captivating as well, which may have helped the young conductor precisely, but competently resolve and appropriately intensify movement." – Attila Kovacs

Pesti Sólet - (Komárom, 2015)

"It must absolutely be stressed that the Dohány church organist played fantastically, which raised the musical standard of the afternoon." – György Littner 

Shana Tova – New Year's cantor concert (Dohány Street Synagogue, 2014)

"The three cantors, and chorus of musical pieces was accompanied with precision and feeling by Zoltán Neumark (piano) and Péter Dobszay (organ)." –  István J. Bedő
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