Symphony Concert (Grand Hall of Szolnok County Hall, 2020)

"After the intermission, all heard before turned out to be a strengthening towards Beethoven’s symphony, the pinnacle of the concert. It was almost like a renascence by Péter Dobszay, and he provided evidence of his superior musicality and conductorial virtue. The revolutionary double gesture opening the symphony was already a burst of energy, then the performance continued to enchant the audience with its passion, sighs and lunges – under his baton with unheard-of weight, still as if involuntarily, all born by necessity. All the while, Dobszay retained his poise, perfectly controlled every detail, internal crescendos and differentiated colours." János Malina

Symphony Concert (Italian Cultural Institute, 2018)

"Although being twenty-eight, Péter Dobszay’s maturity is well beyond his age when it comes to music. Him conducting, it is very pleasing to hear as well as to see – he interprets music with resolute and clear gestures, and I believe it shall be pleasing to play under his baton, too. I think he can account for each and every beat as a prepared conductor who has acquired the pieces well. I had a feeling he was always a couple of bars ahead in mind than the actual sound which parallel thinking resulted in elaborated bars and deliberate climaxes. It does not take an oracle to foretell that Péter Dobszay (who is an active organist as well) is facing an outstanding career as a conductor." Ilona Kovácsi

Bernstein: Trouble ind Tahiti (Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, 2018)

"Péter Dobszay’s vigorous and fresh interpretation captured the atmosphere of Bernstein’s opera superbly, conveyed the irony hidden between the staves well, and emphasized the show-like elements cleverly." Péter Zoltán

Symphony Concert (Nagyvárad, 2018)

"The audience was impressed by the young conductor, Péter Dobszay. The Hungarian maestro has proved us as well that he did not became a finalist of the latest Solti International Conducting Competition by accident. He is a very well prepared musician whose concept was accepted and realized by the ensemble. His movements always had a specific musical function, and he directed the symphony orchestra magnificently." — Ferenc Dérer

Beethoven, Kodály - orchestra pieces (2017)

"This concert under Péter Dobszay’s baton was an elegant game of beauty and virtue - interpreted at the highest level." 

20th European Wine Song Festival (Pécs, 2016)

"”The second half of this year's winesong gala concert featured the 'theatre division' and chamber symphony orchestra of the Pannon Philharmonic, concertmaster László Gergely, as well as a young conductor from the capital, the only 25-year-old Péter Dobszay who conducted them excellently all the way to the end, whether it was an accompaniment or a stand-alone bravado piece such as the Thunder and Lightning polka by Strauss, Libertango by Piazzolla, or the character piece Slightly Tipsy by Bartók. In addition to the virtuosity and great interplay, the liberation of the orchestra was captivating as well which may well have been motivated by the young conductor’s precise, still relaxed gestures of appropriate intensity." Attila Kovács
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